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Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Susie’s Figure Fabulous Weight Loss Boutique offers personal training and life coaching to promote fitness and health. Our weight loss program uses a blend of techniques and approaches: intense exercise routines such as circuit training, kettle bell exercises, kickboxing, weight training, and dance. We also use mental coaching that dislodges the wellness barriers that grow in the mind.

Susie’s book Figure Fabulous goes along with our fitness program as a nutrition guide. It gives emphasis on proper diet and nutrition as an essential supplement to exercise to achieve true wellness inside and out.

Our clients are people of various ages from different walks of life—all wanting to be healthy and fit. We do personal trainings and customized weight loss programs just for you. Contact us for a free consultation on our services in Wichita Falls, Texas.


Our Weight Loss Services

We provide a weekly body composition analysis for clients that are on our nutrition program. Using information from the analysis, we help our clients set fitness goals that they must achieve along with steps they can take to attain them.

We also provide separate programs for personal training. No matter what program you are in, we guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way in your journey to being truly fit and healthy. 

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